Wolf City Tattoo

Our new location is at 1500 South Virginia Street. There is road construction in front of our main parking lot so you will need to drive around back to get into our parking lot until road construction is done As always we take our time with each client and make it a fun experience that's relaxed and inviting. We can't wait to share this new space with all our loyal clients. The best way to proceed is to book an appointment in the booking section of this site. Thank you


Please do not call or email the shop for a quote. We cannot give a quote due to too many factors changing when the client gets here. When we have given quotes in the past the client tends to leave out a lot of details that will change the quote for higher or lower. The best way to approach this is in person at the shop. Give your tattooer your budget and then discuss what it is you want. We give a very good and honest price. We are not here to rip you off. We wouldn’t be staying in business as long as we have if we did. When we discuss your tattoo we are wanting to give you the best tattoo for the price you can afford.

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Wolf City Tattoo


1500 South Virginia Street
Reno, NV, 89502
United States